Blue Flower

At Core Recovery Residences we are dedicated to assisting addicted individuals and families restore health, hope, and a sense of well-being in their lives. It is our commitment to provide our clients with affordable individualized and effective treatment while staying grounded in the principles of 12-step recovery. It is our experience that these guidelines can bring about the change necessary to go on to experience a sober and productive life.

In our Vision, every client receives the group therapy, accountability, life skills training, and support to build a foundation for long-term recovery. We take pride in also dedicating individual time with every client to focus on creating a realistic and goal oriented plan in order to regain governance over all areas of their lives. Creating an effective aftercare plan is vital for when our clients move onto fully independent living. We also have experience in areas such as financial planning and recovering credit scores, ect. in order to better prepare each individual for financial independence. This vision is an attainable dream. With ample resources and skilled leadership, our Vision is being realized.